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Store Policy

Customer Care

At Blue Kuna we care about your opinion. Any matters regarding our service

, quality of products, and anything that might make your experience doing business with us better is paramount to this company. Please email if there is something you want to discuss on any issues that occur on this website or your order.

If you have a concern I want to hear it and address it as soon as possible.

You are my client and deserve the attention in any matter that you feel deserves attention.

Thank you for your business.

Privacy & Safety

Your financial information will not be saved, but name and address may be recognized if you have used this site or other Wix based websites in the past.

Blue Kuna Industries L.L.C will never share your information 

with any other business or entity of any kind.


Wholesale Inquiries

If you are interested in wholesale purchases please feel free to contact Chef Randall Kuna 

directly at the phone number listed on this site or by email for a quote.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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