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About Blue Kuna

🔥 Meet the BBQ Maverick of Michigan 🔥
Chef Kuna

Hey there, I'm Randall Kuna, a bona fide BBQ enthusiast with a zest for flavor that's been simmering for over 25 years.

But this isn't just about me; it's a tale of Michigan's culinary magic and the love I have for my two boys.

🌟 A Taste of Michigan's Lakeside Charm 🌟

Michigan, with its breathtaking Great Lakes, has been my culinary muse.

From the shimmering waters of Lake Michigan to the serene beauty of Lake Superior, I've drawn inspiration from our state's remarkable landscapes and vibrant culture.

👨‍🍳 From Dad and Chef to BBQ Extraordinaire 👨‍🍳

My two boys are the heart and soul of Blue Kuna. They share my passion for BBQ adventures, adding a sprinkle of family love to every sauce and rub we create.


With them by my side, I embarked on this flavor-filled journey in 2016.

🔥 Crafting Flavorful Memories, One Jar at a Time 🔥

Our mission at Blue Kuna is simple: to capture the essence of Michigan's lakeside spirit in every bottle.


We're not just making sauces and rubs; we're bottling memories of sunny lakeside days, the aroma of the grill, and the laughter of friends and family.

💫 Blue Kuna: A Legacy of Love 💫

Blue Kuna isn't just a business; it's my heart and soul on a mission.

It's about creating flavors that my boys, and all of you, can relish together.

It's the legacy of my love for food, family, and the remarkable state we call home.

🍔 Join Us in Savoring Lakeside Life, One Bite at a Time! 🍔

I thrive on crafting exceptional flavors, building connections with people, and cherishing those lakeside moments.


Come, be a part of our flavor-packed adventure, where Michigan's charm meets BBQ mastery.


Welcome to Blue Kuna, where every mouthwatering bite is a tribute to the Great Lakes State! 🌊🍖

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