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Ditch the Liquid Smoke, Embrace Real Fire Flavor: Introducing Detroit Ol' Smokey BBQ Sauce

Looking for an authentic BBQ experience without the potential health concerns of liquid smoke?

Look no further than Detroit Ol' Smokey BBQ Sauce, the champion-grade champion of flavor.

Why skip the liquid smoke? Recent studies have shown that some liquid smoke flavorings can be genotoxic, meaning they may damage DNA and increase the risk of cancer [1]. Detroit Ol' Smokey takes a different approach.

This isn't just sauce, it's a grilling masterpiece in a bottle.

Years of experimentation have resulted in a symphony of smokiness, heat, and sweetness achieved through slow simmering with real fire-kissed ingredients.

Detroit Ol' Smokey boasts a complex and smooth texture perfect for:

• Grilling: Glaze your favorite meats for a caramelized crust that seals in all the juicy goodness.

• Dipping: Take your wings, fries, or anything else dippable to the next level.

• Drizzling: Add a touch of smoky magic to any dish, from burgers to baked beans.

Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a backyard grilling rookie, Detroit Ol' Smokey caters to all palates and will leave your guests asking for more.

The perfect balance of flavors ensures every bite explodes with smoky goodness, a touch of heat, and a hint of sweetness.

This isn't just BBQ sauce, it's a grilling legacy.

Crafted with passion and the finest ingredients, Detroit Ol' Smokey lets you experience BBQ the way it was meant to be – bold, smoky, and bursting with real fire flavor.

Skip the potential health risks, embrace the authentic BBQ experience. Grab a bottle of Detroit Ol' Smokey today and taste the champion's choice!

[1] Disclaimer: Studies suggest potential health concerns with some liquid smoke flavorings. More research is needed to confirm these findings.

P.S. For a truly champion-worthy experience, visit our website for fire-tested grilling tips and recipes that will make you a backyard BBQ legend!

Detroit Ol' Smokey BBQ Sauce

  • Tomato paste (tomatoes, spices, natural flavors, citric acid), brown sugar, light corn syrup (corn syrup, salt, vanilla), distilled vinegar, water, unsulphured blackstrap molasses apple cider vinegar, sugar, xanthan gum, Worcestershire sauce (distilled white vinegar, anchovies, garlic, molasses, onions, salt, water, chili pepper extract, cloves, natural flavorings, tamarind extract),

  • corn starch, sea salt, kosher salt, granulated garlic, paprika, mustard seed, onion powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cloves. ** contains anchovies.

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