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Onward & Upward

We've all said it, what a year! Last year was crazy on so many levels. This year kinda feels like Groundhog's Day. But, we're determined to press on. Onward and upward. Despite the events of 2020, we saw marketable growth! Sales picked up. We were able to highlight our sauces in various markets and generate great interest - and new repeat customers! This was such a highlight! Seeing this growth and receiving messages from old (former) fans and new ones, sparked a renewed flame in us too. We've updated our Facebook, created a better Instagram page, updated our website (still in progress) and we're hoping you like what you see.

On a personal note, I am seeking a full-time commissioned position as I am able to focus on the BBQ sauce and spice rub sales with the help of my distributor. Feeling a bit more organized lately - that's an amazing feeling too.

If you love our sauces and spice rubs and don't see them in your local market, please message us. We will reach out to the grocery buyer on your behalf. Happy to learn where you shop and where you would like to see Blue Kuna products.

Wishing you well in 2021.

Onward and Upward,

Randall Kuna

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