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Personal Chef

With over 25 years of experience, Chef Randall Kuna brings a variety of dishes to your taste buds. Customize your menu with flavors from Northern France, Southern Italy, Hawaii, Thailand, Japan, traditional American, Southern American and more.  Chef Kuna is available for commission for long-term, short-term commitments, and events.

Whether you are vegetarian, desire keto-friendly dishes, kosher or have halal requirements, desire a change in lifestyle eating habits or want to be experimental with spices and foods - Chef Kuna is versatile. His experiences bring a variety of skills and suggestions to you.

In need of a personal chef? Taking into account your dietary restrictions, religious convictions, allergies, personal preferences, and likes/dislikes - Chef Kuna will help to tailor a menu that suits your needs. Services include: Meal planning, personal shopper, family recipes created, custom dishes created, set up & execution of private parties, and suchlike.

Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance. Willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, if required. 

12 oz. Filet with Cabernet mushroom sauce , sautéed veggies with feta crumbles and fresh herbs

Chef Pan Roasted lamb with vegetables an

Pan roasted lamb with vegetables and demi glaze

Chef crab steaks for private dinner.jpg

Crab & Steaks

for a private party

Chef srcatch guacamole.jpg

Fresh guacamole

from scratch

Chef stuffed peppers.jpg

Stuffed roasted peppers with vegetable topped

with feta

Chef Shrimp, tomatoes and green beans to

Shrimp, tomatoes and green beans tossed in a homemade, from scratch Caesar dressing

See 'Dishes' page for more examples

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